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Just Buddy's

Buddy Childers


Many aspects kept Buddy from issuing his first album as a band leader despite fronting quartet and quintet albums in the fifties. In 1984 Childers moved back to Chicago, formed a band of dedicated, a like minded swingers that played at a club every Monday night for over a year, while in the process, gathering material for what is now on this album.

Recorded in Chicago 1983 & 1984.

Buddy Childers, Bill Lanphier, Larry Gray ,Joel Spencer, Steve Roberts, Bobby Schiff, Brian Ripp, Dave Brandom, Jerry Dimusio, Jon Negus, Mike Smith, Peter Ballin, Ron Kolber


  1. Nica's Dream
  2. Looking Up Old Friends
  3. The Underdog Has Arisen
  4. Just Buddy's
  5. Pretty
  6. Try A Little Tenderness
  7. What The Hell
  8. Arriving Soon
  9. Crimp Cut
  10. Off Broadway

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