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Northern Crossings

Olga Konkova


This CD is the product of many years hard work by pianist Olga Konkova and bassist Per Mathisen. For some time, they wanted to play with Ole, Per's brother, who lives in New York but due to Olga and Per living in Oslo, the opportunity was rare. The chance eventually arrived and they booked into Knoop Studio in River Edge, N.J. and invited the great Jojo Mayer to play drums. There is quite a contrast between the most energetic "out front" material and the softest and from the traditional swinging to the more modern funky, but it is intentional in order to avoid being put into one special category of jazz.

Many of the tunes in this collection from 2001 are first takes, the entire session being recorded direct to DAT, to achieve the best and most spontaneous "live" feeling.

Per Mathisen, Jojo Mayer, lga Konkova, Ole Mathisen


  1. Fifth Corner
  2. Encounter
  3. Independent Blues
  4. East By Northwest
  5. On The Move
  6. Olga's Dream
  7. Watch Out
  8. Homage
  9. Northern Crossings

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