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Phantom Of The City

Joe Chambers


Phantom of the City is an excellent example of the very special things that can happen with the right mix of talent, time, place and mood. On this live date, Joe Chambers puts it together in his usual distinct style as percussionist, composer and arranger. Long time listeners of jazz will recall Joe's work as a drummer and composer during the sixties/Blue Note era. Hitting the New York scene in 1963, Chambers found himself in the company of exceptional talents as Wayne Shorter, Sam Rivers, MCCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, Bobby Hutcherson, Eric Dolphy - who encouraged Joe to take the step to the City, and Freddie Hubbard, whose band he became a member of soon after arriving in New York.

During this period Chambers was also expressing himself as a composer having a number of his compositions recorded on dates by Bobby Hutcherson, whose band he was a member from -67 to -70 and Freddie Hubbard.

On this session Chambers once again deftly exploits his gift as a composer and arranger avoiding long drum solos, and instead giving each musician space to express musical thoughts and feelings - on this night at Birdland it all comes together.

Sidemen on this recording are Philip Harper (trumpet), Bob Berg (tenor saxophone), George Cables (piano) and Santi Debriano (bass.)

Santi Debriano, Joe Chambers, George Cables, Bob Berg, Philip Harper


  1. Phantom Of The City
  2. Fun
  3. For Miles
  4. Nuevo Mundo
  5. El Gaucho
  6. You've Changed
  7. In And Out

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