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Swing Spring

Bill Perkins



Among the "coolest" of the West Coast tenor players of the 1950s, Bill Perkins in later years became a bit influenced by John Coltrane and modernized his style in a personal way. A flexible and versatile musician who also played baritone, alto, soprano, and flute, Perkins was best-known for his work on tenor.

Bill's sense of adventure has never waned throughout his career and this set, from 1999, is another display of the Perkins craft. This hand picked crew includes the supremely talented pianist/arranger Frank Strazzeri, who Bill had met back in the 1960s and recorded with in 1984 and in 1992.

Bill Perkins, Bill Berg, Frank Strazzeri, Clay Jenkins


  1. I Hear Ya Talkin'
  2. Sea Swirls
  3. For Jo Ann
  4. Swing Spring
  5. Procession Of The Bulls
  6. Love Walked In
  7. Fer Now
  8. Barbaos
  9. Summer Night
  10. Lotus Blossom
  11. Nica's Temp
  12. Bebop Love Song

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