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Swing That Music!

The Great British Jazz Band


'Swing That Music!' is the third album by the Great British Jazz Band presenting the group's favourite tracks and arrangements by trombonist Pete Strange.

Appropriately titled "Swing That Music," the CD also includes the entertaining 'I'm Looking for a Guy (who plays alto and baritone and doubles on a clarinet and wears a size thirty seven suit),' Pete Strange's arrangements of Buck Clayton's 'All The Cats Join In,' and Henry Lodge's 1909 composition 'Temptation Rag' as well as the poignant 'Blues For Kenny Baker,' by Digby Fairweather which was commissioned by London's Park Lane Group.

For this recording, the band (Digby Fairweather, Mike Cotton, Pete Strange, Roy Williams, Dave Shepherd, John Barnes, Jim Douglas, Brian Lemon, Len Skeat and Allan Ganley) also welcomed guest trumpeter George Paterson on three tracks.


  1. Swing That Music
  2. Blues for Kenny Baker
  3. Paducah Parade 
  4. Wabash Blues
  5. African Queen
  6. This Is All I ask
  7. Temptation Rag
  8. I’m Looking for a Guy 
  9. The Gravy Waltz
  10. Mean to Me
  11. Twain
  12. I Didn’t Know About You
  13. Solo Flight
  14. All The Cats Join In 

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