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Wild As Springtime

Lee Konitz


This recording of Lee Konitz and Harold Danko came about when it was suggested that Konitz might want to record a session at the end of his 1984 European tour. He liked the idea of documenting this particular duo so studio time was booked in Glasgow, Scotland.

The album features the previously unreleased, 'It's You' written by Konitz and previously unreleased alternate takes of Chick Corea's 'Hairy Canary' and George Russells' 'Ezz-thetic.' Interestingly, the programme also includes a Konitz/Danko arrangement of Chopin's Prelude No. 20.

Lee Konitz, Harold Danko


  1. She's As Wild As Springtime    
  2. Hairy Canary
  3. Ezz-Thetic
  4. Duende
  5. Chopin Prelude Numver 20
  6. Spinning Waltz
  7. Silly Samba
  8. Hi, Beck
  9. Ko

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